Friday, February 05, 2010


I find it somewhat bizarre that some of the same Republicans that insist that gay marriage is in violation of the majority's right (i.e., the mantra "Let the people vote!"), would then turn around and obstruct the overwhelming majority of elected officials' plans by way of filibuster.

Discuss . . .


Pomoprophet said...

welcome to the dark side. Lets see if you actually blog here as opposed to your Xanga!

Joe Moderate said...

Oh geez. I posted my "dark side" comment not realizing Pomo had said the same thing here. LOL

re: senate filibusters: I, too, question the constitutionality of them. I remember back when the GOP had majority in the senate they were tossing around the so-called "nuclear option" of eliminating the need for filibusters altogether and just going to majority vote like the house. I'm sure glad they didn't do that then... but then again maybe it is the more populist way to run the legislative branch.

Me? I think I support ending filibusters. Just my $0.02

D.J. Free! said...

LOL @ Pomo. I make NO PROMISES! But I'm gonna try :)

I think I do too, Joe. Though, if I recall correctly, you consider yourself a Libertarian now (like C) no? Do you see any conflicts there? I mean, so long as there are filibusters, then our big government can't get involved in people's lives, b/c they can't get anything done! :)