Friday, February 05, 2010

The Honest Journey continues . . .

My fiancee and I have been having an argument for quite some time now. Long before we even thought of being romantically entangled, he argued that Blogspot was the far superior blogging venue, while I - a longtime friend of Xanga - stayed true to my beloved blog home, especially since most of my friends were blogging there too.

But things have changed. All those bygone friends, and all that drama I once knew are no more. If you were to go to those pages, you'd see the chronicles of my "honest journey" to discover how to live out who I am as both a spiritual person, and a gay person. There are joys and sorrows, laughs and tears on those pages. Those who commented on those pages are either still around (like my friends Joe and Pomo), or we've grown apart, or they've dissociated with me because I affirm both my Christianity and my sexuality.

And yet, the journey has not ended. The drama is not the same to be sure, but it's extant drama nonetheless. And the joy is different too . . . both in abundance and quality. I'm still unsure what the destination is, yet willing to grow into the man God has made me to be.

Since so many of my friends are now posting their thoughts on Blogger, I'd say it's time for an upgrade. Since the journey has taken a bit of a different leg, it also felt apropos to express these new adventures in a different way. So here I am, finally taking advantage of the profile I started way back in 2004!  It's a new blog, with a new pic - which is itself apt.  The pic is of my trip to France in February/March of 2007.  It proved to be a seminal moment in both my life, and my fiancee's, as those 5 magical days marked the nascent stage of our romance :)

Peace and Love to you and yours :)


Jeff S. said...

Hey, I'm still here, too! And you're gonna make me think about jumping off of Xanga, too, aren't you?

Joe Moderate said...

Hey DJ! Welcome to the dark side *ahem* welcome to Blogger ;-)

D.J. Free! said...

LOL @ Jeff! I've been fighting it for years. After spending a few hours Friday trying to figure out the Blogger configs, I have to admit that I prefer it a bit over Xanga. But Xanga will always be special to me :) Thanks for following along!

Heehee, Joe. Proud to be here ;)

dreaming over the ocean said...

Glad too see you again, and blogging. i am still around, but also part of number 2. but, that doesn't mean i love you any less ;)