Monday, September 06, 2010

Good Lord . . .

It's so ironic (in the Alanis Morissette sort of way, anyway), that what inspires me to blog now is actually contrary to the very spirit of my previous post (On Gays, Ex-gays, Unsure Gays, and the Kingdom).  It appears that the Lions couldn't stand next to the Lambs for too long for fear of devouring them :-/

In other words, that very kind ex-gay lady who shared the stage with us at Cedar Ridge's sexuality panel, recently left the church (see J's blog for more on that).  She wanted us to be aware that it was not because of us.  No sir, it's because of the leaders.  She and her husband are perfectly comfortable sharing a pew with us disobedient, lowly gays, but she couldn't *possibly* stay at a church where the leaders supported us!  But again, it's not about us.

REALLY?  Are you kidding me?  So the church you've been a part of for years, the church where you've grown, and seen others grow . . . the church where the fruit of the Spirit was clearly visible is suddenly unworthy of your continued presence because you've just now found out what the leaders believe on this issue??  So the fruits you've been eating all along are what now?  Rotten?  And how am I not supposed to take that personally?  I'm good enough to fellowship with, but not if the leaders aren't willing to de-gay me?  WTF?!  What happened to all that talk about loving each other and having fellowship through disagreement?  Good enough for you and me, but not good enough for you and the pastors?  You'd not deign attend a church where you disagree with the pastor on something theological?

I've got news for you.  The same Bible that you feel condemns my sexuality, also condemns female pastors.  And you've sat under Pastor Patsy for YEARS!!

And just yesteray, another one bit the dust.  I was beckoned by a teary-eyed mother J and I have had few interactions with, as she told us of her family's decision to leave because of the church's stance on same-sex relationships.

This is exactly what I feared.  I've blogged about it before as a guest poster on Andrew Marin's blog (here and here).  This really does break my heart.  It hurts a lot.  It's all I've thought about since yesterday hearing the news of the second family to abandon ship.  I'm angry.  I'm disappointed.  I'm upset.  And I hope that one day soon the Church recognizes that we more powerfully demonstrate the power of Jesus when we do as he said (remain one in the Father- even through our disagreements) rather than splintering every time someone baptizes in a way we don't like, or speaks in a weird tongue, or votes for the other party, or interprets Scripture differently.  Who is convinced by the power of the cross when we show the maturity of three year olds, and make new friends every time someone's theology doesn't line up with our own?


In other news, I'm going to have to blog a lot today, apparently.  My hubby and I were supposed to be synchroblogging our honeymoon, but Mr. Sneakypants that he is, he failed to mention to me that he'd already blogged 2 days worth, and did our 3rd today!  So expect a few from me :)


Jon Trouten said...

Sorry DJ. I really hope that you and/or your husband shared your feelings of disappointment, sadness, and anger with those folks who approached you about leaving your church and why they're leaving. It likely won't change things, but they need to know how their BS decision affects others, IMHO.

Pomoprophet said...

I'm mad too. And sad for your church. But I hope that the leadership takes comfort in their decision and that someday those that leave realize the world doesn't fit into their nice neat box.